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We are a consulting firm ready to work with your team to help bring out the best in your organization with the progressive approaches and tools of diversity and inclusion.

Having successful teams involves more than hiring talented individuals, it takes each member contributing in a supportive and positive environment.

The challenge is, how to build effective and inclusive teams, that are comprised of diverse people, where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best. We will guide you through this process and help you to avoid the pitfalls. We want to see you succeed, because your success is our success.


What we do

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e Business Consultants offers dedicated training and development through a specifically designed training plan which will be developed based on the needs of your business.


Understanding what really happens in the workplace can be a very complex challenge. This effort requires a neutral party to collect data, perform analysis of attitudes and behaviors that are part of the existing organizational culture.

Training and Workshops

To achieve real change in the workplace, we must first identify remedial actions, and work with you to develop the best training plan for the needs of your business, to bring leaders and employee awareness about the impact of their decisions and attitudes at work.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Once the objectives to be achieved have been defined and agreed upon, the guidelines for implementing the changes will be established. E Business Consultants offers monitoring mechanisms that will allow measurement of the impact of these new interventions.


What our people say

“It is quite demoralizing working in a company that does not offer growth opportunities and additionally discriminates against some personnel. After many years of working very hard without recognition, I realized that I had to look for a job in a more inclusive company”

Stracy Jones

“I have often felt that my input was not valued and my ideas were often used without recognition. This made me stop contributing to the team”

Stracy Jones

"I am happy to know that there is a business that is training people to become more interested in becoming a great team member and a great professional by being gentle and respectful toward peers"


What We offer


Initial assessments are going to be performed 
At e Business Consultants we believe in the importance of taking into consideration the voice of all the employees. An in-depth understanding of current employees’ perceptions of the internal office environment will lead us to develop coherent strategies to address and provide remedial actions.

Training & Workshops

At e Business Consultants we are aware of how difficult it is to achieve and maintain a positive change.
Our courses will focus on various concepts that must be learned, assimilated and put into practice. We will provide practical guidance to employees, for them to learn about acquired, voluntary or involuntary behaviors, replicated in the workplace, and how to modify them to get a positive outcome.

Monitoring & Evaluation

E Business Consultants offers a comprehensive monitoring service based on set objectives.
It is important to keep a detailed control of each of the processes in which the changes occur, which allows management to take preventive measures to ensure the achievement and sustainability of the set objectives.

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